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Mining & Private Property Rights Clarified - (Grand Forks Gazette article)

Information regarding Private Land and exploration

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Greetings BMA Members,


Please make note of the following events in April:


1.    April 8-9: Kamloops Exploration Group Annual Conference & Trade Show at the Kamloops Convention Centre, followed by tours of the New Afton & Highland Valley Mines on April 10th. http://www.keg.bc.ca/conference.htm

2.    April 15th RDKB-hosted review and open forum on matters pertaining to the Kettle River Water Management  Plan, at the USCC Community Centre in Grand Forks.   Please see the detailed invitation below.


3.    April 16th BMA Meeting in Republic, WA at which Kinross’ Nadia St-Jean will give us a presentation on the “Ring of Fire”.  (Detailed announcement to follow.)

4.    April 20th: Happy Easter –time to get out there you Prospectors!




John Jewitt, P. Eng., President

Boundary Mining Association

Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0

(250) 447-2500



Boundary Mining Association

Greetings BMA Members,

Our next meeting will be held at the New Century Restaurant in Grand Forks on the evening of Wednesday, March 12th

The buffet dinner will commence at 6:00 p.m., and the cost is $14.65 per person (including GST, but excluding beverages and tips).  Credit and Debit cards are accepted.

Following a brief business meeting commencing at 7:00 p.m., Ms. Nadia St-Jean will give us a presentation on “The Ring of Fire” in northern Ontario.   (Those not planning to join us for dinner, may attend the meeting at 7:00 p.m.)

Nadia graduated from the University of Ottawa, and is currently enrolled in Kinross Gold’s Exploration Graduate Program.   While spending two summer field seasons with the Ontario Geological Survey in search of shale gas in the James Bay Lowlands, Nadia ended up logging  core at the “Ring of Fire” camp (in her spare time).

The “Ring of Fire” is heating up and receiving a lot of attention.  Originally in search of diamonds, the explorers encountered major occurrences of chromite, nickel, platinum, copper and zinc.

Nadia has provided an abstract from her talk (below) and she promises to keep our feet to the fire.

·         Wednesday, March 12,

·         Dinner 6:00 p.m.

·         Meeting 7:00 p.m.

·         New Century Restaurant, 7451 5th St. (west of the Overwaitea parking lot.)

All are welcome, and bring a friend.

John Jewitt, P. Eng., President

Boundary Mining Association

Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0

(250) 447-2500


MINUTES of Meeting – November 6, 2013



The  Meeting was held at the RDKB Conf. Room, Grand Forks, BC.       Members and guests in attendance:

Klas Bialon,  George Braun, Steven Cannon, Linda Caron,  Ellen Clements,  Boyd Hardwicke, Christine Hellbusch,  Leo Jacob,  Solange Jacob, Helen Jewitt, John Jewitt,  Barry Noll,  Al Wait,  and Larry Wunder.


I.                   Meeting Called to Order at 7:10 pm by John Jewitt, President

II.                 OLD BUSINESS:  


A.    Minutes-May 6 AGM were read by Helen Jewitt, Secretary 

Helen Jewitt made a motion that these Minutes be approved as read, seconded by Barry Noll, and passed.


B.     Treasurer’s Report  given by Larry Wunder, Treasurer

Larry Wunder made a motion that this report be approved as read, seconded by Linda Caron, and passed.


C.     Greenwood Founders Day, July 13 & 14

A recap of BMA’s participation was given by John Jewitt, Barry Noll, and Larry Wunder.  Thanks was given to Barry for his no-charge housing of Yukon Dan, who was sponsored by the BMA (with funds from AME).  Barry was pleased that placer group participation  increased, and said Yukon Dan continues to be the most popular event.

D.     CIM’s – M4S Program at Kamloops  - John Jewitt, Helen Jewitt, and Barry Knoll volunteered their time and effort to assist Yukon Dan with his gold-panning event for students.  We worked 3 days and processed approx. 1400 students from the area through this workshop.

E.     Silver Summit – Spokane --  John Jewitt talked about the programs he participated in at this event.


III.               NEW BUSINESS:

A.    A Minerals Education Workshop  - The Exec Committee gave the go-ahead to plan and hold this event with monetary help from AME.

B.     A Mineral Titles Online Workshop  was discussed.  We decided not to do this project.

C.      While opening the floor for Other New Business,  a suggestion was made that we should have some meetings in Republic, WA, since our Kinross Members from there have always traveled to Grand Forks for meetings.  This had also been discussed at the  Executive Committee Meeting, and was decided to bring to a vote with members.  A motion was made by John Jewitt to hold the next meeting in February 2014 in Republic; was seconded by Larry Wunder, and passed.

D.    Next meeting – February 2014.  Date TBA. Location – Republic, WA.   Carpooling would be a good option for members.

E.      Members were invited to break for coffee and carrot cake, provided by Solange Jacob.  Membership thanked Solange and business portion of meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.



 Ellen Clements and John Jewitt gave a talk on the Silver Queen – New Nadina  project in northern BC.   Ellen talked about the porphry system and John discussed the vein system there.  Their talks included many interesting slides for our enjoyment!



Boundary Mining Association

MINUTES of AGM  -   May 9, 2013


The Dinner & AGM Meeting was held at The New Century Restaurant in Grand Forks, B.C.       Members and guests in attendance:

George Braun, Steven Cannon, Linda Caron, Jack Carson, Ellen Clements,  Ross Glanville, Christine Hellbusch and Guest,  Leo Jacob, Solange Jacob, Helen Jewitt, John Jewitt, Bill & Jing Ping Meyer,   Barry Noll, Wolf & Bev Noll,  George Sanders (Speaker), Al Wait & Claudette Crowley,  Dan Wolkowsky, and Margie & Larry Wunder.

I.                   Meeting Called to Order at 7:15 pm by John Jewitt, President

  11.                 OLD BUSINESS:  

    A.    Minutes of April 4th  Meeting were read by Helen Jewitt, Secretary 

Barry Noll  made a motion that the April Minutes be approved as read, seconded by Ross Glanville, and passed.

     B.     Treasurer’s Report  given by Larry Wunder, Treasurer

Linda Caron made a motion that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as read, seconded by Ellen Clements, and passed.

      C.     President’s Annual Recap was given by John Jewitt

     III.                New Business

A.     Greenwood’s Founders Day is July 13 & 14.  The BMA is sponsoring Yukon Dan on the 13th, who has a gold panning exhibition.   We plan on asking AME for financial help.  Volunteers will be needed to help the day of the event, and Helen will call for help from members.  Barry Noll told us of growing support for this fun event, with new exhibitors.

B.     A Minerals Education Workshop is tentatively planned for the Fall; we plan to participate.

.     A Mineral Titles Online Workshop is tentatively planned for the Fall, or perhaps sometime in 2014.

Election of officers & directors for the upcoming year.  Barry Noll has been added to the list of Directors, as we need 5.  Otherwise, everyone from the prior  year have agreed to continue.   A request to the floor was made for Other Nominations, and none were offered.  Bill Meyer made a motion that the Updated List of Officers & Directors be approved, was 2nded by Solange Jacob and passed

A.    The next meeting is not yet scheduled, but will be in September at the RDKB Building.  A notice will be going out in August.


A motion was made by Steven Cannon to adjourn the Business portion of the meeting, seconded by Larry Wunder, and passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm,  followed by a short coffee break.


Our speaker, George Sanders, President & Director of Goldcliff Resource Corporation, gave a talk on the history and reawakening of “sleeping giants” his company is involved in ---the Panorama Ridge Gold Project, the Tulameen Copper Project, and the Ainsworth Silver Project.   His lasting sentiment (paraphrased) is to never give up on a project because you think someone else has already taken all the ore!


Upcoming Events:

  • Boundary Mining Association next meeting:



The last Annual General Meeting was held at the New Century Restaurant in Grand Forks on May 17, 2012, with 23 Members and guests in attendance.  Jeff Austin of International Metallurgical gave an interesting talk on Western Copper and Gold Corporation’s  Casino porphyry project in the Yukon, and on his own Western Canada Limestone operation at West Bank.

The BMA sponsored Yukon Dan at Greenwood Founders Day on July 14th & 15th.  Dan setup an impressive display of gold mineral specimens from various locations around the globe.  He demonstrated his gold panning techniques and taught many folks the fine art of gold panning.  He was ably assisted by students Ian and Conner Jewitt from Dallas, Texas.  Equipment used in placer gold mining and processing was also on display as were metal detectors, all presented under the watchful eye of Barry Noll.

At our October 18th Meeting in Grand Forks, Kathleen Autenreith, exploration geologist with Kinross, gave an interesting presentation on the Rattlesnake Hills epithermal gold deposit in Wyoming.

At our meeting on November 15th meeting, John Jewitt gave a Powerpoint review of the papers that were presented at the Minerals South Conference in Nelson.  It was decided to forego a Christmas Party in favour of holding more special events and/or field trips during the year. 

An outstanding meeting was attended by 21 people on April 4th, at which Tom Johnson from Kinross’ Buckhorn Operation gave an excellent talk on placer mining techniques, and cited several examples of placer deposits at various locations.  It was clear that this activity is of interest to several members and friends in the Boundary area, and more emphasis will be given to this type of program in the future, starting with an expanded program in support of Greenwood Founders Day on July 13th, 2013.

At an Executive Committee meeting held in April, it was decided that in view of declining participation at regular monthly meetings, more special events and/or activities would be undertaken; such as sponsoring MineralsEd workshop for teachers in the Primary grades.  Other workshops such as Minerals Titles Online and MapPlace were also discussed.  Speaker engagements would continue on an ad hoc basis, when topics of interest such as that which Mr. George Sanders of Goldcliff Resources will present at the 2013 AGM.


Several members attended the various exploration and mining conferences held during the period including Minerals South in Nelson; the Silver Summit and Northwest Mining Conferences in Spokane; AME BC’s “Roundup” in Vancouver; the PDAC in Toronto; and the KEG Conference in Kamloops.

Government and Land Use Issues:

Mr. Bill Meyer is our BMA representative on the Land Use Committee of the Association for Mineral Exploration of BC (AME BC).  This committee monitors a broad range of land use issues including legislation impacting ownership, access and environmental legislation; for example, The Mines Act and the Environmental Assessment Act.

Locally, BMA Members continue to participate on the Stakeholders Advisory Committee of the Kettle River Water Management Plan – a two year study sponsored by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.  We also are monitoring the Midway Community Forest Agreement Proposal, and the Wildlife Area Proposal safeguarding the habitat occasionally visited by the Williamson Sapsucker Woodpecker.

Exploration & Mine Development

Golden Dawn continues exploration work on the Wild-Rose and Tam O’Shanter properties as well a development of the May Mac vein deposit near Greenwood.

Gold Crown is in the process of completing purchase of the Lexington-Grenoble copper-gold operation near Phoenix from Huakan, and Gold Crown plans to re-open this mine.

Kettle River Resources completed a 43-101 Report on the Phoenix tailings deposits, and studies for re-processing these tailings for gold recovery are continuing.



  • DID YOU KNOW?? " 2007 Exploration expenditures of  $416 million , up 57% per cent from 2006 and 1300% over $29 million in 2001"


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